1. Get to the flea market early but be respectful and allow the dealers to set-up. 1. Collectors like to come early.  If possible, allow them to browse.    Sometimes, great sales are made before the market officially opens.
2. Talk to the dealers and negotiate.  It's expected.
2. Be willing to talk to your customers, but keep the conversation short.
3. Don't insult the dealers by offering a price that's way below what the dealer is asking. 3. If offered, a very low price, try to explain and educate the customer
4. Ask questions.  Most dealers are also collectors who want to share their knowledge.
4. Be patient when the customer asks a questions.  Most flea market shoppers are just starting to collect and want to learn. 
5. If another buyer is handling an item that you want, relax and don’t crowd them.  Do not show your interest.  Waiting patiently might work in your favor when they put the item down.
5. Be courteous to your fellow dealers.  If a customer in another dealer’s booth, don’t engage that customer until they have left the dealer and walked into your booth.
6. Do not put dirty hands on a dealer’s inventory.  If visiting the flea market after breakfast, please wipe your hands.
6. Keep your booth open until the flea market closes.  Don’t pack up early.
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