Fiesta Ware

You collect them, your mom collected them, your grandmother collected them: Fiesta dishes are attractive, functional and down-right American. Collections of multi-colored Fiesta dinnerware are also very pleasing to the eye.

Made in West Virginia, Fiesta dishes have been made by the Homer Laughlin Pottery Company since 1936. Heidi Kellner, the ultimate Fiesta collector, has a Web site that documents the history of Fiesta dinnerware and has been interviewed by Collector's Weekly. If you're interested in collecting Fiesta, Kellner recommends reading the Collector's Encyclopedia of Fiesta by Sharon Huxford.
text and images courtesy of Apartment Theraphy


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century Modern describes an era of style and design that began roughly in the mid-1940s and continued into the mid-1960s. It is an organic offshoot of Modern design that’s often associated with the casual furnishings and carefree look of Eichler tract homes in suburban California during the 1950s.

In addition, the Mid-century Modern era is noted for the mass-production of household objects, from furniture to clocks to lamps to radios, because many of its chief designers (Charles and Ray Eames foremost among them) made it a requirement that their work be affordable to the average homeowner rather than the wealthy elite.
text courtesy of Collectors Weekly